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Welcome to Ashley Limousin Farms, your one stop shop for Limousin and Angus beef. "At Ashley Limousin Farms we plan to provide our customers with the finest genetics available within the Angus and Limousin breeds with cattle that are consistent,efficient, and cost effective.We intend to focus on exceptional customer service through strategic planning,quality ownership, and the latest technical resources which will enable us to operate in an ecologically friendly way in the community."

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Second to None DHAN 1216L
BW 1.9 WW 42 YW 65 MA 26 DOC 11
CW 3 REA 0.48 YG -0.24 MARB -0.13 $MTI 39

"Second to None DHAN 1216L" is arguably the finest fullblood Limousin bull in existence today. He combines the qualities of the three breed giants (Goldenview Krugerrand, WRC Punch, Harvest Olympus) and passes on these exceptional traits consistently to his progeny. His performance data, docility, and maternal traits separate him from other sires. He truly is "Second To None"

Semen is available through LimiGene (800-722-2079) and Grassroots Genetics (866-305-9600).

For more information call Ashley Limousin Farms and Jim Lane @ 404-983-3929

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Basin Payweight P242
BW +3.9 WW +60 YW +110 MA +22

Basin Payweight P242, a son of Vermilion Payweight J847, is one of the finest Angus bulls we have ever used. He is structurally sound and exhibits superior weaning and yearling weight performance data. We have used him with first time heifers as well as the mature cow herd. His disposition is unmatched with other angus sires. His calves pay by wieght.